Teacher Awards

Teacher awards serve three important functions in an institution of higher education. First, they recognise teachers who excel in their profession. Second, the awards serve as an indication of the importance the institution accords to teaching. Third, the awards send clear signals to the teaching community about what the institution regards as high quality teaching.

At the heart of teaching excellence awards lies the teacher's ability to inculcate and strengthen intellectual qualities such as independent learning, thinking, and inquiry; critical thinking, creative problem solving, intellectual curiosity, intellectual skepticism, making informed judgments and articulateness.

Teacher Award Ideas

1. Teacher awards should be based on a value system and selection criteria that are explicitly articulated to its entire teaching community.

2. Each award given should be accompanied by a citation which describes the qualities and teaching practices that made the award winner an excellent or outstanding teacher.

3. Not only at Teacher Appreciation Day, but also at the end of every school year, thanks you teachers for all they've done for our students

Unique Teacher Awards

Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes and rewards dedicated educators. It promotes excellence in teaching and advocacy for the profession.

It is the most frequently used teaching award format, the award honors excellent teachers annually who have are dedicated to teaching and changing young lives for the better.
For making education a wonderful experience, the Appreciation Award serves the purpose of acknowledging, recognizing and thanking teachers who went above and beyond.
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