Service Awards

In most cases, service awards are designed to recognize regular employees for service to the company. Awards are provided in five-year increments beginning with the fifth year of service.

97% of companies surveyed felt employee recognition links directly to their overall goals... Whether the goal is improving the overall value, quality and satisfaction of HR 'best practices' regarding employee years of service awards; managing, promoting and sustaining safe behavior within your employee safety culture, service awards are always the best ways to engage employee recognition.

Service Award Ideas

1. An annual service recognition reception will be a great option to provide recognition to staff employees for their years of service to the company.

2. Develop your recognition system, and set recognition goals.

3. Award Differentiation: An effective award mix accommodates different levels, from everyday contributions and major achievements and milestones.

4. Assured Exclusivity: To be truly effective, employee service awards must be unique and exclusive.

5. Investment Controls: Graduated award levels at specific and predetermined price points make it a simple process to match awards to accomplishments and employee award programs to budgets.

Unique Service Awards

Bright and cheery, bold yet comfortable, Sunflower Award is a warm and caring gift to honor loyal employee service and/or retirement.

We highlight the years of service with gold blossoming branches. The years of service award, heralds the years of outstanding services to come.
With years of service embossed luminously upon a gold seal of excellence, this unique service award transforms your celebration into a dazzling memento.

With gold star accented years of service, Star Wave Service Award celebrates years of loyal and dedicated employee service in style.
Elegant lapel pins, tie-tacs, charms and emblems that display your corporate logo are a coveted symbol of recognition and achievement for your employees and a distinguished expression of your company's identity.
Engraved watch cases can highlight an award recipient's initials, years of service, retirement or other special commemorative dates. Include your company emblem as a tie-tac or charm to accompany your engraved awards.