Retirement Gifts

A retirement is a wonder opportunity for the company and the employees to present a token of their appreciation of the retiree's services offered. Here are some good options for retirement gifts.

A retirement gift is not something given every day, therefore it has to be thoughtful, memorable and long lasting. A retirement gift can be something precious and worthwhile. It can either be expensive and rare, or it can be something very personal, which is able to put the emotions and feelings of the employer and other employees into form.

Retirement Gift Ideas

1. Present the retiree with a timepiece. Most companies today, gift an exquisitely crafted timepiece, an evidence of appreciation by the company, to the years of service rendered by the retiree.

2. Present the retiree, travel voucher to a destination where he or she always longed to go. A long holiday would give the retiree a good opportunity to take some time out, on his own.

3. Use an unique retirement poem to emphasize the retiree's significant contribution, and engrave it with the retiree's personal information on crystals.

4. Photo album keepsake will be a great choice. Give it a theme such as 'Through the Years" or "This is Your Life!" and make it humorous and touching with photos of the retiree at company functions, family outings and group photos.

5. The company can gift the retiree company stocks or bonds to reward the employee for the years of service they have given.

6. Gift the retiree "The Best Trophy" on his/her retirement. This will be a unique gift for a retiree as every person love to be recognized for his/her good work. It is a good gift to be presented by colleagues. Its really a best idea to appreciate anyone's years of hard work.

Unique Retirement Gifts

A great way to say "Good Luck and Best Wishes" for the retirees who is entering a new chapter of their life. Encourage their dreams and goals with your personalized retirement messages.

The dynamic Crystal Wave Award stands elegantly on top of a black crystal base. The award offers ample space for your personalization messages.
Evoking a forward motion with its exquisite design, this unique retirement award not only celebrates past accomplishments of the retiree, but also symbolize all that is yet to come.
Include any 5-line message on the inside cover, creating personalized keepsake he'll treasure through the years.
Reminiscent of a bygone era, the handsome Herrington Pocket Watch will be a treasured favorite of all time!
Retirement Message In A Bottle with and Recipents name and Gift Giver's Name. Message is printed on parchment paper, then rolled, tied with a ribbon and corked on top. Can be shipped to you or directly to your retiring pal.