Employee Awards

Motivating employees through recognition awards is one of the most effective and cost-efficient means to reinforce an organization's culture. Recognition improves employee performance. It rewards the individual behaviors that collectively help a company attain its' financial objectives and retain it's top performers.

Employee recognition awards are a way to reward hard work, dedication and achievement. Small business owners and Fortune 500 companies alike must keep their employees motivated. Employee recognition awards, including crystal awards, lapel pins and plaques are all supposed to increase company loyalty and dedication

Employee Award Ideas

1. Optical crystal employee awards are very popular. They are small and they make a perfect accent for the desktop. They are completely clear and perfect to have words etched into the glass. You can write the recognition or the accomplishment on the front of the award and show your appreciation this way.

2. Traditional employee awards may include things like curved glass, vases, plaques, and even cups. When you are looking for employee awards that you give to a low level employee you may purchase cups or plaques. The curved glass awards are usually for employees who are responsible for bringing in a lot of revenues and success to the business.

3. Select employee awards for your top sales people. Sometimes it's better to honor a team rather than one person. Most of the time a sales person is not working alone, they have people setting up their appointments and getting those appointments so the whole team should get an award.

Unique Employee Awards

As one of the most frequently sponsored employee recognition awards, Employee of the Month Award reinforces positive employee actions. This award is an excellent choice to recognize outstanding achievements and exceptional contribution.
The Globe Pillar Awards offer you a simple & cost effective way to recognize the top employee of the month / employee of the year.

This pillar shaped crystal award features a unique concaved globe etched on the back. It is a perfect way to recognize pillars of the organization
Presentation Kits are designed to help you create a WOW! moment for your employees. Each presentation kit combines a personalized message of appreciation and a special award in an attractive presentation box.
A beautiful diversity glass award to honor the talented and special individual who has advanced the cause of diversity in their community, organization or state. A beautiful large platter wit multi-colors merging together is the perfect multi-cultural award for the honored recipient.